The custom-designed  tyre for the first Harley-Davidson® adventure touring motorcycle. 

  • Excellent stability
  • Good cornering performance
  • Uncompromising off-road traction
  • Approved by one or several manufacturers 

Why is this the right tyre for me?

Exceptional high-speed stability

Integration of MICHELIN Bridge Block Technology™ and Michelin 2CT+ Technology™ in the rear tyre provides a new level of on-road stability. 

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MY21 Pan America Riding Photography

Precise handling and long-lasting performance

Michelin’s innovative 2CT and 2CT+ technology, an all-new tread pattern and an optimised profile provides precise handling and performance mile after mile.  

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MY21 Pan America Riding Photography

Uncompromising off-road traction

Fully grooved geometric tread pattern delivers confidence inspiring traction off-road

michelin scorcher adventure f pers

Pan America™

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MY21 Pan America Photography

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170/60 R17 72V
단면폭 170
편평비 60
림사이즈 17
하중지수 72
속도지수 V
120/70 R19 60V
단면폭 120
편평비 70
림사이즈 19
하중지수 60
속도지수 V
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