1. Tubeless: No tube is used, when mounted on a tubeless rim; abbreviated "TL"

  2. Rear: Direction of rotation for rear tyre, indicated by an arrow on the tyre sidewall

  3. Michelin: Tyre manufacturer

  4. 73 Load index: I.E, 73 corresponds to a load of 805 pounds (365kg) per tyre

  5. Radial

  6. Pilot Power 3: The tyre's model name

  7. 190: Nominal section width of the tyre, expressed in millimetres

  8. 55: Aspect ratio, the sidewall height as a proportion of the tyre width

  9. R: Radial construction

  10.  17: Bead-seat diameter of the wheel, expressed in inches (1 inch = 2.54cm)

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